Jamie Boyd

Experienced copywriter with a passion for culture, travel and music


A few quick facts about me – I was born in Dumfries, Scotland on March 26th 1988. I currently reside in Manchester, a city in which its beloved icon Tony Wilson of Hacienda and Factory Records fame once proudly stated that ‘we do things differently here’.

Despite the seemingly unending rainfall, Manchester has always incorporated everything I adore in life, including Manchester United and a legacy of producing compellingly poignant music, fabulous venues and discerning music disciples attending in their droves.

After gaining a diploma in newspaper journalism (before the dawning of the digital revolution) and several years of freelance writing experience, the addictive vibrancy of the city drove me to relocate from my family home in North East Wales, swapping roaming fields for the illuminating neon buzz of Media City.

I was a part of Manchester Airport’s E-commerce team and more recently their new digital division for the best part of two and a half years. I entered into the company as a wide-eyed copywriter, before recently leaving as a fully-fledged content editor with experience in website migration, training colleagues on the CMS, Google Analytics and stakeholder management.

With the immersive worlds of music and travel in relation to digital content production representing my core expertise to date, I look forward to my next adventure in whichever guise that may take.

If you should wish to contact me about permanent, temporary or freelance roles, then do not hesitate to visit my contact page.

To find about more about my work, feel free to browse my portfolio section.